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Magronic is a Bio-technology startup envisions to provide sustainable products on food & nutrition globally with their cutting edge technologies in micro algal production systems.


Magronic envisions to provide sustainable food and nutrition globally by bringing cutting edge technologies to one of the oldest resources of the planet – Micro algae!

Creates positive impact to many SDGs

 725 x

 More Protein per acre/ yr
 than meat protein

6525Kgs vs 9 Kgs 

386 x

More water efficient
than beef

290 L of water vs 112,000 L
of water per kg of protein

1.83 x

More Co2 absorption

1Kg dry spirulina sequester
1.83Kg Co2 from air to Oxygen

Our plant

Spirulina is a super ingredient with extraordinary health and functional qualities that can be used effectively in beverages and food products including egg, dairy and meat substitutes


Spirulina Protein Supplements
(Powder/ Capsules/ Tablets)

We use best drying methods to produce the best quality spirulina powder with nearly 65% protein content, 2.5x the phycocyanin content and more than 3x the shelf-life of competing spirulina powders

Fresh Spirulina paste

After harvesting, it is rinsed and dewatered by post harvesting techniques to produce the best taste and texture, the highest solid content and 4x the refrigerated shelf-life than competing fresh spirulina paste.

Power packed functional ingredient
in Food & Beverages

Meal Replacements

Spirulina contains 18 amino acids and lot of viatmins (A, B-complex, E,K) and minerals (Iron, magnesium, Zinc) making it a perfect replacement of meal when consumed as Smoothies, protein bars, etc

Go Healthy with no alterations in food taste

Our spirulina adds a beautiful green colour to your food with lot of nutritional enrichments without adding any bad smell or taste

Meat & Egg replacement

It acts a binder in baking products, adds texture to beverages, contains HEME iron to replace meat

100% Vegan

Free from all major allergens like Milk, soy, gluten, egg, fish, etc.



We can do private labeling for any of our consumer products for bulk orders. We also offer white label and branded products for small or large orders.

Production Technology

We provide our proprietary micro-algae  bioreactor production system design and hardware, contactless harvesting & post harvesting technologies with our monitoring & control systems on royalty basis.